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    Hi! I'm Flavio of Ad Maiora Studio, an Italian indie team winner of the National chapter of the Global Game Jam 2011.

    We would like to introduce Fruit Rocks, the game of which we are very proud and cost us almost a year of hard work.

    Fruit Rocks is an action game in which you have to use physics to your advantage; defend the planet from the invasion of (surprise, surprise) angry badass aliens. If you enjoyed Angry Birds, you'll fall in love with our game! :)

    The goal is to kill as many aliens you can before it's too late. To do this, you'll have to throw them the lethal fruits situated in the trees or slice the ropes that hold the flying rocks (yeah, who cares about nuclear weapon when you have nutrient but deadly fruits).


    Fruit Rocks is available for any device: iOS (iPhone + iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7 and Casio Scientific Calculators (only fw 3.23+) :p

    It features 28 levels with boss fights, nice graphics and effects, funny audio and a lovable soundtrack.

    Here you can find the trailer:

    Get it on an iPad near you on the App Store:

    Fruit Rocks official page:
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    We want to pick your opinion to improve future’ Ad Maiora games, so comment and suggest how you feel about the game!

    Enjoy Fruit Rocks then like us on facebook (Edited by Moderator - no links to social networking sites, please read the forum rules.). Have fun! :)




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