Free Repairs for Original Apple Watch Back Covers Now Extended to 3 Years

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    Back plate repairs on original iPhone now covered for 3 years.JPG

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has just made a move that is bound to delight owners of the first-generation Apple Watch, as they will now be able to get free repairs to the back cover of the original Apple Watch for 3years rather than just 1 year.

    This includes all versions of the first-generation Apple Watch, such as the Sport, standard, Edition, or Hermes models, and even those watches where the warranty has already expired will be covered.

    Even better, any owner of a first-generation Apple Watch who has already paid out for a back-cover repair can call Apple Support and try to obtain a refund of that payment.

    The loose cover problem with some of the first-generation Apple Watch models has been known about since 2015, and often occurs when the watch is removed from its magnetic charger. The cause is not known, but it is thought to have something to do with the original glue used on the part not being strong enough.

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    Source: Apple extends free repairs for first-gen Apple Watch back covers to three years

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