Five of the Best Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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    As we celebrate the start of 2012, many people have been making New Year’s resolutions, in fact quite a few people have probably already broken theirs, two days into to the New Year! Seeing as how it’s never easy turning over a new leaf, TiPb has come up with a very useful Top 5 list of the best iOS apps to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, comprising one app for each of the four main goals that a lot of people are looking to work on at the turn of a New Year: weight loss, stopping smoking, improving your finances, and getting organized.

    In the weight loss category TiPb suggests Weight Watchers Mobile, which is a free app, and Weightbot, which costs $1.99. For managing your money, they suggest SilverWiz, which costs $0.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad. For organization, they suggest the ever popular Evernote, which is free to download, and for all those smokers out there who wish they weren’t, TiPb gives the heads up to My Stop Smoking Coach with Allan Carr (no, not the comedian, UK readers!), which will set you back $2.99.

    And finally, I’ll throw in a recommendation of my own, Resolutions 2012, which costs just $0.99, and helps you to keep track of your top three resolutions as well as helping you to create good habits.

    Source: Top 5 best New Year’s resolution apps for iPhone and iPad | TiPb

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