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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Bob Maxey, Apr 23, 2013.

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    If you liked reading about Travis Tea, but reality is your game, consider goggleing "Tabberone." Or just add a dot com to Tabberone. I say 'goggleing' for those of you with Google Glasses. Those without, try Mr. Google, who knows everything. Well, except for Mr. Pat Pending, the man I most admire. He invented almost everything; his name is on most products.

    It tells the tale of a lone woman that KICKS THE COLLECTIVE BEHINDS of Disney, NASCAR and MLB and others that need a proper thrashing to and fro. In Federal Court, over copyright infringement. She wins here cases. And she is allowed to sell clothing emblazoned with Mickey and Goofy WITHOUT paying Disney a lisenceing fee? how, you, say? Well, read it for yourself. Lots to read, but worth it. My guess is most of you are unemployed, so you have time. :D

    Her story is amazing and it shows what one person can do when fighting the Big Fellas. She provides previous cases, current laws, the rules and laws that allow here to fly in the face of Walt's Iron fisted controllers; and she posts her email replies and letters to and from lawyers she demolishes in Federal Court.

    To continue . . . she is amazing.

    Did I say she is amazing? Thought so.

    As an aside, I am tired of coming to this forum and seeing nothing new. SMILEY! Just dribble or drivel or blandness from all of you that dare not stir the pot as I like to do. Iwhat is up with you folks? come on, lets have new topics and things I can dismiss as silly. I am taking over and we will have a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage (Hoover, I think) and perhaps flying cars, if I can get them built. :)

    Time to wake up and make this forum's OT section worth visiting.

    Dag Nabbit!

    Nest Thread will have to do with amateur Radio or Christmas. and they posteds will be well nigh be speel chacked right proper like.
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    Whew, thanks Bob, I needed some more lawyer fodder.

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