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    FEMA Mobile

    Yesterday, FEMA took a step to put more tools in your hands by launching
    m.fema.gov, a new mobile website. FEMA recognizes that when it comes to
    disasters, many individuals are going to try to get the information they
    need by using their mobile device--so they're rolling out this mobile
    version of their website so people can get the information they need
    when disaster strikes.

    The new site - m.fema.gov - is laid out in a user friendly, question and
    answer format, walking users through the important issues they face when
    dealing with disasters, including:

    -How do I apply for FEMA Aid?
    -What should I do in a disaster?
    -How can I help others?

    This is just a first step. They will be making several enhancements to
    m.fema.gov in the coming months, including the ability to apply for
    individual assistance when a disaster has been declared by the
    President, check on the status of an application and update an existing
    application. And they will keep improving the site, working to ensure
    that Americans have easy access to the tools they need to prepare for
    and, when needed, recover from a disaster in their community.

    Yesterday's launch of m.fema.gov comes with just over a month remaining
    until the start of hurricane season on June 1. Everyone is encouraged
    to visit FEMA: Mobile on their iPad or iPhone mobile device and
    learn more about the simple steps you can take to make sure you and your family are ready.

    For the Daily Brielf and FEMA
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    Thanks 4phun. Living in Miami I take hurricane season very serious which is one of the reasons I opted for the 3G as part of my disaster kit.
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    I'm glad, that we don't have hurricanes over here......and seeing the news about the oil disaster in the Mexican Gulf makes me really sad.....and angry.

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