Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition Comes to iPad

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    iDownload Blog reports today that the award-winning Mac and PC game, Faster Than Light, has arrived in the App Store today for iPad. Apparently the spaceship simulation game (try saying that after a few beers!) has been wowing the critics, with lots of five-star reviews and even rumblings that this could be the Game of the Year.

    So, for those who aren’t already addicted to the PC version of the game (which is included in full on the iPad version, plus the Advanced Edition content) what’s so special about FTL, then? Well, gameplay revolves around running and maintaining a spaceship in a randomly generated galaxy.

    It seems that the planning is all very intricate and absorbing, with every encounter presenting multiple decisions to be made by the player, such as what to do if your shields are shut down by a missile barrage. Should you re-route power to the engines and try to escape, power up more weapons to counter attack, or try and board them? The choice is yours!

    Here are some of FTL’s key features, courtesy of iTunes:

    It already has 250 five-star ratings in the App Store from the most hard-to-please critics of all, the customers, so it sounds like developer Subset Games has done a cracking job porting an already successful game across from PC and Mac.

    Click here to download for $9.99:

    ?Faster Than Light? for iPad now available in the App Store
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