Fallout from Apple's iPhone OS 4.0

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Apr 9, 2010.

By JohnnyApple on Apr 9, 2010 at 7:09 PM
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    Apple of course made the announcement of the iPhone OS 4.0 - but the most interesting aspect wasn't a technical feature or upgrade, but policy changes on Apple's part.

    I've been keeping an eye out for opinions on Apple's decisions and I must say that 99% of the people who seem to be commenting feel anywhere from betrayal to fury over Apple's "tight grip" which continues to get even tighter over the development platform and decisions that Apple controls.

    Anandtech sums it up nicely at the following URL: Apple takes aim at Adobe... or Android?

    And the most telling aspect, this screenshot from Hacker News with some of the venom directed at Apple:

    Anger at Apple over flash: screenshot speaks for itself..

    The crux of the problem is that the tighter Apple tries to grip what they've created, the more and more developers and good will, will slip through their grasp. Sometimes you need to create an API and platform and let it be free, not some walled garden.

    Will more and more developers flock away from Apple, or will they embrace Apple's mantra: Do as we say, or else.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by JohnnyApple, Apr 9, 2010.

    1. henry2
      Apple owner Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both have done the same thing to a point close the software angle for the outside company to be able to play with the core system of the computer software.. Bill Gates did this a few ago when he bought out the mircosoft verison of the Vista to protect the main core of the software .

      it no diff with apple ..but apple has told the outside company you will work with me on this under a set of rules that i set up or you are not allowed to use our product..

      he is protecting the basic idea about apple software ..

      there is own really three markets in the world for the computer software system that runs a computer ..apple-or mircosoft or linux base software.. smart phones use a basic scaled down software for the two smart phones O.S system .. apple iphone or andoid smart phone system ..the ipad use a basic o.s. system of a iphone unit ..

      adobe reader at times is hard to use along with it allways needing upgradeing to the next verison ..so i think that you should have one verison that works without the basic upgrades all the time..

      here something else i love about the mac computer O.S. software on the computer..i just basic learning to use the system before i went out of town and it so simple to use ..when i go over now to a window base system i really mis my mac ..for i have t wait for the software to unfreeze and restart and stop and think about the problem before doing something about that..with the mac i do not get that problem ..
    2. dennis
      Time will tell, and the market will decide.
    3. Seadog
      Apple made a decision not to allow flash because of its problems made it a buggy, power hog. Most of the media world reaction was that it was good for them and justfies the change the HTML5. Then Adobe boldly brags that CS5 would allow them circumvent the lack of flash support. What did Adobe think was going to happen? Adobe used to be the big name after Microsoft. For the past few years they have become bloated versions of their past glory. Their PDF reader has become a major security hole. I have little sympathy for Adobe. They just happen to run into a bigger company and ego than theirs.
    4. IpadOne
      I agree with you, people just need a machine work fine, Apple have enough creativity to provide us what we need …

      Of course you can find everywhere people won’t play with rule … so they have other choice ... but no they want to be in the leader place and play with their rule. I have also some small complain to Apple but i can live with that , i have use PC for more than 10 Years now when i am forced to use a PC i am not comfortable at all

      I really can’t wait the OS 4.0 for enjoy the multi-tasking …
    5. Edlex
      Most consumers are looking for one thing, easy. Apple gives them easy.
    6. Seadog
      The only issue that I have is that some less known formats may be excluded even though they are used by some excellent apps.
    7. henry2
      this is something that i have learned and dealt with for years inside the crazy world of what we do for a liveing and thank god they have not figure that one out....

      people who bring people like me into there office what the basic easly to run and use software for the normal basic idea of how a computer runs and works with the type of software we do .for the avg person know the basic of computering and how to use the software that is in a computer ...

      people also want to be cheap and not send the money on a good system like apple desktop and laptops and it software system ..they want windows to run like a mac but for a cheap price ..instead going out and getting a mac in the first place and running it with the software ..they want the p.c. unit to do the same thing as the mac softwar to be easly to use in the long run by the person who is useing it ..

      but they forget the basic rule of the computer software world ..you get want you pay for ...if you what a mac get a mac and it will serve you well for a long time..

      but do not try to get software to do something that the core of the basic computer heart is the software and how it written and how it used. can not fixe the hardware side of the computer ..

      all the software we use and install on the mainframes of the computer we work on is basic written on a mac computer with a few windows test laptop computers to make sure the software is working right and doing the reports fileing like it should on the mainframe to be called up at a later time and date as it need ..for it funny at times for the software people love and the installers love them have them at work and home and will not run anything else in there personal lifes ..i went over for i was tried of takeing to my personal laptop to one of the guys i work with and haveing debug it everytime windows software updated it self and we would go through the whole program of figureing out why it was freezeing when the guy goes get a ---- mac and quit mess around with windows and you can stop bringing this piece of trash that is a laptop to me to bedug ....the last staw was when the computer was hacked along with about 70.gbs of info and pictures and other things where taken off the harddrive and they left me a nice virus behind after hacking me ..

      after that i went into the nearest apple store and order me the imac along with a few extras i use now ..i will not go back to windows and it upgrade verision every three years that comes out with the problems in it ..
    8. IpadOne

      The first problem of windoze is the price of the OS, the latest update of mac i even don’t remember how much i paid (10,6 if i remember right)

      and no need to change all software no need any re installation .. just insert the CD click yes 3 times and it’s all ..

      the advantage of Apple is they control the hardware so they made the software fully adapted for their material …. in windoze, android, linux they have to consider all existing material so the software is more heavy, complicated and of course slower

      One of my friend a programming software engineer told me:

      If you clean a windoze OS and software of all you don’t need the size will be half and the machine will be twice faster … but don’t confuse you will always have trouble and bug ...
    9. henry2
      the software guys say the basicly the same thing ..but the problem is mircosoft will not do that for they have to much tried up in the sales of the stuff that get put into a new computer and the software that goes with it ..apple figure out from the get go was need and what not was need to run the computer and it software and apple has ...but in the truth be told apple is beening smart about the software by controling who and what get inside the software .

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