Facebook Messenger Gets a Version Specially Designed for the iPad

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    Facebook's Messenger app has been available on iTunes only for iPhones for quite a long while, and now the standalone chat app has received version specially designed for iPad. Previously, the iOS Facebook Messenger app was running as an enlarged iPhone app, and it didn't look as great as the current one does.

    The dedicated Messenger for iPad app comes with a multi-window interface showing a list of threads and your current conversation simultaneously. The usual Messenger features are found inside the app, like stickers, easy group chat navigation, and VOIP calling. Split-screen selfie camera and tap-and-hold quick video recordings features will probably be added with a future updated.

    With the Messenger app, Facebook tries to maintain its position in the crowded market of free messaging apps, where WhatsApp, Skype and others are the leaders and the rivals that it has to face. Besides bringing native support to iPad users, version 7.0 also comes with important improvements to calls and fixes issues so that the list of people active on Facebook shows up faster.

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