FAA Plans to Rollout More iPads to Employees and Launch its Own App Store

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    TUAW reports that according to aviation website AVweb, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking to expand its use of the iPad in and out of the cockpit. According to the report, FAA employees will be asked if they want to replace their laptops with iPads or Android tablets. Apparently the FAA has been impressed with the way in which the use of iPads has helped to boost efficiency and cut costs in many different sectors of the aviation industry. For example in the case of mechanics, they have found it easier to look up technical repair manuals on their iPads, whereas lawyers have benefitted from being able to instantly look up legal files online on the go. The report says that so impressed is the FAA with the way in which the iPad has benefited the industry that it also plans to launch its own App Store featuring apps that are relevant to its employees.

    Source: FAA to expand iPad usage, create app store | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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