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    Just thought I would give a mention about the assistance we all receive from time to time from non-native English speakers. By that, I mean of course those members whose 1st language is not English.
    Firstly, a massive thank you for taking the time and trouble to learn a difficult language. As native English speakers, we all too often take for granted that our language is spoken and understood by all. We are very fortunate that in today's world, English is the accepted language of communication in most circumstances. Written English is a difficult language to master and we should give a lot of credit to our non-native members for their linguistic skills. So, a massive thank you to all of you out there whose 1st language is not English. You give huge support and assistance to others on here and most importantly your command of English is excellent.
    If I may go so far as to thank you all on behalf of everyone. Keep it coming.
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