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    With the success of baking shows on TV, baking is more popular than ever, it would seem, and according to 9to5 Mac, a new scale and iPad app is designed to make baking even easier.

    Drop’s Bluetooth-Connected Scale and recipe app for the iPad combine interactive recipes and automatic weighing in such a way that even a novice cook will be able to follow the directions.

    The Connected Scale can also be used on its own, without the app, just as a standalone scale, with the iPad displaying the weight of the ingredients that you place on the scale, but 9to5 Mac says that you get the most out of the Combined Scale by using the recipe app with it.

    The app pretty much holds your hand throughout the baking process, prompting you at each step, telling you when to place a bowl on the scales, for example. Illustrations help to explain further.

    The app will also monitor in real time as you add ingredients to the bowl on the scale, not moving to the next step until you’ve added the right amount of the ingredient.

    Another really good feature of the package is the way in which it guards against greasy fingerprints on your iPad by enabling you to press a button on the scale itself to tell the app to move to the next step, so you don’t have to touch the screen. Very clever!

    The Drop Connected Scale costs $100, and can be ordered from Drop here:

    Source: 9to5 Mac

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