DOCKr brings 6 fun iPad accessories in a single device

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Apr 3, 2013.

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    What’s more fun than owning an iPad? Stumbling upon a great accessory that allows you to exploit your device to the fullest. One such accessory is the DOCKr – a real goodie bag for techies which offers a total of six different accessories, all in one. There are two versions – DOCKr1 and DOCKr2.

    The six features of DOCKr are: a case, battery, speakers, keyboard, viewing dock and changeable styling. The case allows users you keep their tablet in landscape mode or in portrait mode, depending on what they are working on. However, if you are sitting in bed and planning to watch a movie, the case is 140 degrees adjustable. Back and forwards sliding is possible as well, so users can find the position they are most comfortable in.

    DOCKr 1 is the primitive version, as it does not come featuring a battery, Bluetooth speakers or USB ports. However, DOCKr 2 has all that. The battery is supposed to provide an extra of 6 to 8 hours to your tablet. Thanks to the USB ports, other devices like phones or memory sticks can be connected to the iPad.

    The DOCKr is brought to you by the inNuevo startup and at the moment is still in its Kickstarter phase. Users interested in helping the company reach its $15,000 goal can purchase the DOCKr 1 for $85 and the DOCKr 2 for $135. You will also receive a bonus – an inNuevo keyboard. The DOCKs also support all kinds of Apple wireless keyboards.

    Source: Gizmag

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    Looks like a laptop.
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    Wonder if it offers different colors besides the white. I like the USB option, but I'm new to Apple so will keep reading Posts!

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