Details of First Mobile-Only Need for Speed Game Leaked

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    According to a report on PocketGamer today, news has emerged, via rather unusual means, that the forthcoming Need for Speed: No Limits will be a mobile-only release.

    It was actually Ken Block, famous driver, who accidentally leaked the info when he posted a picture of a new car on his Facebook page that was emblazoned with adverts for the next Need for Speed game. It’s not exactly easy to see though, so whoever saw it should be congratulated on their powers of observation!

    PocketGamer reports that once the cat was out of the bag, EA then confirmed that the game is in fact Need for Speed: No Limits, and that it will be a mobile-exclusive game.

    There are precious few other details to be found about the game at present, presumably as EA wasn’t even expecting to have to talk about it yet until Ken started showing off his new ride, but PocketGamer does reveal that it will be a free-to-play game.

    Source: PocketGamer
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    "Free-to-Play". If this is true I will not be happy.

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