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    How to get involved in a iTunesAppKings Contest?

    First how to Win!!! (Two Main Ways To Win)

    -First include in all submissions a 30sec Video and up to 500 word statement that will be emailed to players and users if you win. You may submit a different video for win 1 and win 2. (All videos are optional but highly Recommended)

    1. Download the game Geo Slide and take a screenshot of your score after playing level one and send the screenshot to with the subject (#1,100) the person that is #1,100 will win a $100 gift card to iTunes. Simple enough?

    Geo Slide will be free till Midnight

    Geo Slide for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    2. Accumulate the highest score that you can in Geo Slide on Level 11 and then send me the screenshot of the final score screen to with the subject (High Score). (Ties result in a 12hr sudden death match on a different level of the game)
    ***(All photo’s will be reviewed by professionals and if any image has been editing it will be removed)

    1st Place: US$75 iTunes Gift Card + iPad 2 or iPhone V@100,000
    2nd Place: US$25 iTunes Gift Card
    3rd Place: US$10 iTunes Gift Card
    4th Place: US$5 iTunes Gift Card

    All Winners will be contacted at the end of the contest.

    When this iTunesAppKings Geo Slide contest ends a New game will be chosen for the next contest. Developers can submit applications for the next contest now at with the Subject (App Submission) include Promo Code, Description and a optional short video.

    ****I will be updated the scores and nicknames of users who have the highest scores so that you guys know who and what to beat. Yes, i know GameCenter would be good to integrate into the contest but all games do not have this and we would like to send a wining email from the winner to all.

    1. You must do the above steps.
    2. You must join the contest also on Twitter (How to Below)

    The group is called "iTunesAppKing" #iaKING

    How Do You Join?

    1- Follow iTunesAppKings on Twitter

    2- Tweet the following:
    PLS RT - Join and Follow for Maximum Tweet Exposure Twitter #iPhone #iPad #iPod #Developers #iaKING

    3- RT at least one tweet that has this format: PLS RT - <Some Tweet> #iaKING

    4- After doing steps 1 - 3, you'll be added to the group.
    Your tweets will show up under the Tweets tab and you'll show up under the Following tab.

    #iaKING (Required)

    This is the hashtag that will be used to mark tweets by our group members. Here are the benefits:

    1- If a team member uses #iaKING in a tweet, that means other team members should read it and take action. It could be an informational tweet or a retweet request.
    2- Tweets with #iaKING can be tracked using this website or - iaking. This is an excellent way to find out the best time to get retweeted (When most group members are active). So far early morning
    3- As we get more group members, the Tweets steam for the iaKING list will get very busy sometimes. You can click on the #iaKING on any tweet and it will show all tweets with that hashtag. You can also search for tweets with that hashtag. This is very helpful when using Twitter app on your iPhone to quickly retweet other members.
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    May 13, 2011
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    Top score is 86 held by TimGear

    Second place is 85 held by - RohsMich

    3rd is Kostas Kar with 76

    4th is George Kaouris with 75

    In the last two weeks 15k + were downloaded but still 1000 have not submitted the home screen so we can still have a winner for that!!!!

    Good Luck to all.

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