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    OK, why does the coating fall off the chicken?

    Can someone please help me?

    Granny is long dead and I want good chicken. Mom is dead but she made terrible fried chicken, so leave mom out of it. I really only want to hear from a granny. Not a guy who likely eats his bird out of a silly bucket. guys cannot cook, as we all know.

    How, due tell, can I keep the coating on the bloody bird between the cooking process and transfer to the cooling apparatus? And if possible, do your favorite formulas apply to turkey and other fowl?

    I asked this question several times, and General Leslie Groves sent people to question me for some reason.

    Oh, and how do I get the buckshot out of the bird? I did Google local zoos and bird sanctuaries to find out when the security guards leave so I can get some fresh birds, but I need the precise coating formulation as well as a breakdown of the physics that govern the coating to bird ratio; the precise thickness in millimeters, s as well as temperature in degrees Celsius I need to carefully observe as I coat my bird with goodness.
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    Sorry Bob, the General had a little man and a fat baby to un-mix out in the desert so was too occupied to come himself. Hope he didn't send the same creepy guys he sent at me, those two had NO sense of humor

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