Build your own Lego lightning connector for 4th gen iPad and iPad Mini

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    If you have a fourth generation iPad or an iPad Mini you might be in the market for a dock to fit the brand new Light connector Apple has been placing in its latest devices. And if you were a Lego fan in your childhood and loved to build things using those little colorful blocks, the search might be over for you. You might remember the iPhone 5 Lightning Lego dock that got released last year. Well, the same company has now put out an iPad version.

    “The new Lightning connector based iPads suffer from exactly the same problem as the iPhone 5, no official docks. So, as Lego is the solution to everything, we decided to create a successor to the Lego iPhone 5 dock, the Lego iPad Dock. The dock is designed for the iPad Retina, but it will also work with any other lightning connector based iPads such as the iPad mini.”

    The group behind the invention explains that even though the technology used to build the two docks is quite similar, the iPad version has been improved as to provide a stronger and more stable support. Also, the dock will help you push the iPad in the upright position in order to maneuver it easier. Thanks to the efficient dock, there’s no wobble so the iPad can still be used even if not docked.

    To use the technology, users will have to assemble the dock themselves, but that’s part of the charm of owning a Lego set, isn’t it so? Interested parties can order the dock online for the price of $30.

    Source: CultofMac

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