Brainstorm ideas for the project on my iPad....

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    My broken computer monitor is one of “Life’s Random Inputs†that can discombobulate the most organized professional. I felt bereft without my desktop computer. Most of the tasks on my project list required a full-size monitor.
    I devoted the rest of the day and the following morning to troubleshooting my desktop computer. After a lengthy call to tech support and two trips to the Apple genius bar, it turns out that my desktop computer is fine, but my 23-inch HD cinema display needed to be shipped to the repair depot.

    What do people do when they have a high-priority project but lack the resources and tools to engage in it productively?

    The first step is to assign meta-data to your actions and pre-defined tasks. I skipped this step because 90 percent of my work occurs in a single context: in my office at my desktop computer with a five-hour block of uninterrupted time.

    Context. Time Frame. Energy Level.

    If you find yourself bereft of an essential piece of equipment, what work-related actions can you do where you are with the tools and resources you have?
    Because of the meta-data I added to my action lists, I was productive while awaiting my turn at the Apple store with my broken monitor. Here’s my list with the action highlighted:

    Brainstorm ideas
    for the project on my iPad. Flesh out the details.

    1. Read background material on my iPhone. I bookmarked these using Instapaper, a bookmarklet that stores hyperlinks, and provides one-click links to online articles.
    2. Reschedule work. I keep my next-action list on my calendar on the Mobile Me servers. This list of pre-defined work is always current. I routinely sync my calendar, email, notes, address book and bookmarks to the MobileMe servers. When I open my calendar, address book, or web browser on my other devices, the new information downloads automatically.
    3. Download and process email on my iPad using my wireless keyboard.
    You probably have a rich store of anecdotes from your own experience with computers…

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