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    Looking for a good travel type Bluetooth keyboard, would prefer non folding type. I have looked at the apple one and I guess a was looking for something with a little more. I actual saw the HP touchpad keyboard, Bluetooth as well and really liked the look of it, would this work for your ipad2, since it is Bluetooth I would assume it would but was looking for some thoughts.
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    No guarantee that the HP keyboard would work with the iPad but I see no reason it would not especially since a variety of other third party bluetooth keyboards work well with the iPad.

    As far as other alternatives are concerned, take a look at the Microsoft 6000 Bluetooth Mobile keyboard. It's less expensive than the Apple Wireless, is better designed from an ergonomic perspective, and includes a separate 10 key number pad (also bluetooth) if that matters to you. (You can get the keyboard alone for even less than keyboard+number pad from several resellers, including

    It's slightly wider than the Apple Wireless keyboard but fits easily into a backpack or bag. I've used mine with both my iPad and my laptop. Though it's a plastic frame, I've found it travels very well. Pretty much indestructible.

    If I didn't use the Incase Origami Workstation as both a case for the Apple Wireless keyboard and a stand for the iPad I would have stuck with the Microsoft keyboard. It's a very good product.

    P.S. Happened to notice that a customer has added a photo of the keyboard with a tablet on the Amazon site. Gives a very good perspective on its size relative to the iPad. See the second link below.

    [ame=""] Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000: Electronics[/ame]

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