Bing for iPad Gets a New Translation Browser Extension and More in Recent Update

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    We were just telling you that Yahoo has issued an important update to its Search app for iPhone and iPad users, and it seems that it's now Bing's turn to do the same.

    Microsoft has issued some fresh updates for its mobile Bing apps for the iPhone and iPad owners. The translate extension that debuted in the iPhone app two months ago has finally been made available on iPads. The feature has been appreciated by iPhone users and most likely the same will happen with iPad users, as well.

    Bing’s translate extensions has been made available via the Share sheet in Safari for iPad. You just need to tap the Share button and choose More at right to enable the extensions. Then, you’ll be then able to instantly translate web pages in either the Bing app or the Safari browser to a desired language. According to early reports, the feature works flawlessly.

    Bing for iPad has also gained a new Today view which will feature the Bing image of the day and trending stories for that day, after you will have enabled the Bing widget in the Notification Center. Microsoft has also issued some pretty important changes to the iPhone version, as well.

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