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Best way to organize my personal videos between iPhone and iPad2

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by cmantz, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. cmantz

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    I am trying to figure out the best way to organize/transfer my videos taken w/ my iPhone 4S to my iPad2. My daughter is a barrel racer and I have a lot of videos of her runs. She likes to then go back and watch her runs on the ipad to see what she did wrong (or right).

    I am having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to move files between devices and keep them organized. I would like to have the ability to create separate folders and to be able to rename the file. Also, a way to archieve the files so that I have them for future reference when I take them off my ipad. In addition, if there was a way to watch in slow motion that would be GREAT.

    I have tried to convert the .MOV files into .MP4 files and then organize them in iTunes as either movies or tv shows but it seems when I convert the files, it is either speeding up or slowing down the video playback on the ipad when we watch it.

    Any suggestions? I don't use the Photo Stream as I don't want multiple copies of the same thing on all my devices...just taking up space.

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