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    [ame=]YouTube - Backbreaker Football is OUT NOW on the App Store[/ame]​

    NaturalMotion Games has made its football game Backbreaker available for free worldwide today, as the Free App A Day Gold app courtesy of, to celebrate the start of the football season and 2.2 million downloads to date. Backbreaker is an intense arcade football experience in which you get to score touchdowns by sprinting, juking and spinning past waves of oncoming defenders, racking up combos and scoring multipliers in the process.

    The various gameplay modes include Challenge Mode in which players compete for the Golden Helmet awards, and the gruelling 70-wave grind of Endurance Mode. You can even choose your team and put your name on the jersey. EDGE Magazine called it “brilliantâ€, Maxim called it “the most addictive sports game I’ve played on an iPhoneâ€, and I have to say I agree with them, despite the fact that I know absolutely nothing about American football, I loved playing Backbreaker on the iPad and couldn’t put it down, so don’t worry if you’re outside the US and don’t know much about the sport. Join the club!

    Download Backbreaker Football for your iPad for free for one day only here.

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