Aqua Panic Coming Soon to iPad and iPhone

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    BulkyPix and Eko Software are bringing their smash hit PSP game, the Lemmings-like Aqua Panic, to the iPad and iPhone this November. The gorgeous-looking game, which has never looked better than in the HD iPad version, features up to 80 levels and 8000 wispy fish to rescue, five fun and colourful environments – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Inferno, and all sorts of intriguing characters and critters, such as narcoleptic sharks, hungry seagulls, sliding penguins and giant moray eels.

    The gameplay sees you using one of over ten water-manipulating tools such as bombs, plants and harpoons, to guide a school of fish to safety. Although it sounds easy, it really isn’t – at times some of the puzzles can be fiendishly brain-tickling, with each layout providing a unique series of challenges for players as they decide how best to manipulate the flow of water and guide the fish to safety. Here’s Vincent Dondaine, CMO of Marketing at BulkyPix, talking about the game:

    Source: BulkyPix

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