Apple's mysterious Azalea factory could be built in Oregon

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    After rumors of Apple breaking up the chip partnership it holds with Samsung, due to irreconcilable differences, a new theory about where Cupertino is going to get its chips from now on is starting to emerge.

    Just last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a few comments that seemed to suggest that Apple is planning to build a brand new chip factory in his state. The project has its own code name – it’s called Azalea. However, this week’s news brings a different story. Apparently, it's not New York where the chip factory is going to be built, but Oregon.

    EETimes believes that “Azalea” might be in fact the code name for one of the most likely candidates to take over the Cupertino chip business – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Yes, Samsung still builds most of the A-series processors that Apple needs for its devices in the Austin/Texas factory but this contact is bound to expire soon. Texas is also home of the brand new A6X chip that can be found in the iPhone 5.

    Apple has been linked with TSMC over the years, so the new information might support the theory that Cupertino is planning to partner up with the Taiwanese company in order to take business away from Samsung. More importantly, TSMC is developing a piece of interesting technology, Apple would gladly benefit from – the 20nm chip process that would enable iOS devices to function faster and be more power efficient.

    Source: OregonLive

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    Why is it a mystery?
    Sorry, had to go 6 posts.

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