Apple’s new iPad gets frozen in a block of ice, remains fully functional after

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    We've all been there. After having bought a new piece of technology, we attend to it with the most calculated care. We are attentive not to drop it or scratch it or even hit it too hard. But as the time flies by, we become accustomed to, and overly comfortable with our new gizmo. Then we get a bit careless. One day, we might find ourselves with a soaking wet iPad, or a broken iPhone display.

    Judging from the latest video posted on YouTube and authored by seemingly extremely concerned individuals, you have nothing to be worrying about, at least as far as freezing temperatures are concerned. It seems like The iPad is pretty rock solid and almost nothing could bring it down... not even being put in the freezer alongside your pizza.

    The video is authored by ZooGue, the people who manufacture iPhone and iPad cases. They took the iPad, put it in a plastic bag, filled it with water and put it in the freezer. Some iPad owners might be afraid to watch what happens next, but the results are quite amazing. After the iPad gets completely frozen it remains fully capable of performing all commands assigned. So, Apple tablet owners, rest easy. If you ever accidentally freeze your iPad... you should be okay.

    By Radu

    Source: Apple’s new iPad gets frozen in a block of ice, remains fully functional after | Ubergizmo
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