Apple’s iPad mini 2 could be hard to find at launch because of supply constraints

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    At the October 22 event on Tuesday, Apple is widely expected to introduce the iPad 5 and the Retina-packed iPad Mini 2. While some of us are hoping for a price discount on the original iPad Mini, many are definitely saving some money to buy the improved iPad Mini 2. If Apple will indeed launch the next-generation iPad Mini with a Retina display, then this means it will be very hard to get one because of supply constraints. Some analysts were suggesting that this could even make Apple delay the launch to Q1 of 2014.
    Now, according to Barron's publication which cites Jefferies & Co's analyst Peter Misek, Apple will still probably release the iPad mini by the end of this year:

    Could this mean that we will see again huge queues forming in front of Apple's Stores? We can be sure of one thing, if there is going to be a gold iPad Mini 2, there will be many customers looking to buy one.

    Source: Barron's
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