Apple Watch Sport Showing Signs of Wear and Tear According to Customer Complaints

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    It seems that some Apple Watch Sport owners have been finding that their watch has been showing signs of wear and tear after just a few months, according to AppleInsider.

    Several Reddit threads have appeared recently in which Apple Watch Sport owners have complained that the Apple logo has disappeared from the back of their watch, and in some cases scratches have also been noticed around the text.

    AppleInsider spoke to one such customer, who had already been in contact with Apple support, and who had a call back from someone at Apple who then promised the customer a free replacement watch so that Apple engineers could study the faulty watch and try and figure out what was causing the issue.

    The Apple person who spoke to the watch owner apparently wanted to know all about where they lived, including what the local climate was like, the user’s activity levels, and whether or not the watch had been dunked in water. The Apple rep also hinted that other people have had similar problems with their Apple Watch, but only with the space gray Sport watch.

    As AppleInsider notes, the fact that the complaints seem to be pretty much exclusively about the space gray Sport watch could indicate that the problem is something to do with how the text is printed on this particular mode; on the Stainless steel models, for example, the text is engraved, and thus impossible to rub off.

    Photo credit: Reddit user eternitydia

    Source: Apple Watch Sport owners report unexpected rear logo damage, other text scratching off
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    I've had my watch since launch and haven't noticed any of this. I wear it daily.

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