Apple TV Rumored to Get Overhauled & Announced in June

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Mar 20, 2015.

By dgstorm on Mar 20, 2015 at 3:24 PM
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    According to the latest from the rumor-mill out of Cupertino, Apple may be planning on a newly updated Apple TV with a complete overhaul. Industry sources suggest this newly improved Apple TV device will be announced at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference this June. There's no word on if the new version would stick to the new $69 dollar price that Apple recently dropped the Apple TV down to (from $99).

    It's possible the new version will cost $99, while the old version will stay at $69 until supply runs out. In fact, it's not hard to speculate that this was precisely the biggest reason that Apple lowered the price of the Apple TV, (on top of the extra PR factor from the HBO Now announcement). Of course, this would also go well with the recently rumored Apple TV Streaming service, as a new box would go hand-in-hand with new service.

    What do you guys think? Will a completely revised Apple TV make even more headway in the market?

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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Mar 20, 2015.

    1. Jenningsville
      I'm hoping Apple will release an "Apple TV Stick" sometime soon.
    2. scifan57
      If you mean something like a dongle that will attach to your iPad, that's unlikely. The rumoured Apple TV streaming service may possibly be available on the iPad though an as yet unreleased app.
    3. Jenningsville
    4. scifan57
      It would serve no useful purpose. If you're thinking of connecting it to an iPad, there's no HDMI connector on an iPad. If you're thinking of connecting it to an HD TV to watch Apple TV programming, there's no need as that's what the Apple TV is for.
    5. Jenningsville
      Apple TV too big for on the road and requires mains connection. HDMI stick is tiny and powered from a spare TV USB port so is much more mobile to carry round for hotel use and office presentations via AirPlay. Ideal scenario is that an Apple TV stick would also use peer-to-peer wifi for connection to iPhone/iPad to remove dependence on a local wifi being accessible on site.
    6. scifan57
      Apple TV already uses Peer To Peer WiFi and doesn't require an outside WIFi connection to connect to the iPad to use AirPlay for streaming content from your iPad to the Apple TV.

      I don't see Apple offering what you call an Apple TV stick anytime soon. The existing Apple TV is small and light enough to pack into any piece of luggage with no noticeable increase in weight. As to the need for it to be plugged in, you can always use the other socket in the outlet used by the display you connect the Apple TV to.
    7. Jenningsville
      Ah. I'm curious to know more about how to connect iPad to Apple TV without local wifi. I haven't discovered this. Please elaborate.
    8. scifan57
      You need an iPhone 5 or later, an iPad mini, iPad 4 or later or an iPod touch 5th generation to use peer to peer WiFi with the Apple TV. The Apple TV should be on software version 7.0 or later and the iOS devices must be on iOS 8. To initiate the peer to peer connection, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on both devices.

      You do not need an Internet connection to stream content from your iPad to the Apple TV although an Internet connection is needed if you want to stream iTunes content from the cloud.

      Here's the Apple page on AirPlay, including the use of peer to peer WiFi.
    9. s2mikey
      The TV and streaming market is getting very interesting. We are finally seeing lots of options out there and that can only be good for the consumers. I had heard that the Apple TV service might be in the $40 dollar a month range which is kind of high. That new Sling TV thing is doing well and that's only $20 bucks a month.

      The idea of a stick versus a box is simply that eliminating extra cords and such is a great thing. But Apple won't likely do that.

      Currently we stream through our blu-Ray player and that works fine. I'm grabbing some popcorn to watch this while TV thing unfold.... ;)

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