Apple to invest a record $10.5 billion in supply chain robots & machinery in 2014

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    According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is going to invest a record amount of $10.5 billion in the manufacturing process of its iPhone and iPad units. Adam Satariano with the Bloomberg publication points out that Apple’s investment is going to range from assembly robots to milling machines. Apple is apparently investing in the production process to give the the company a leg up on the competition. Satariano details further:

    Muthuraman Ramasamy, an analyst with consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, describes the new machinery that Apple is investing in:

    Apple is definitely making a lot of changes in its supply chain, probably effects of Tim Cook’s deep knowledge and expertise in this field. Recently, details on more advanced manufacturing processes from Apple have been revealed, as the company is looking to build a sapphire plant in Arizona and a chip fabric in upstate NewYork.

    Source: Bloomberg

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