Apple to Give “Unprecedented” iOS 10 Security Speech at Hacker Conference

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    BGR writes that Apple security guru Ivan Krstic is to give a talk at 12:50 Eastern Time on August 4 at the 2016 BlackHat USA security conference in Las Vegas. According to BGR, Krstic’s talk will feature an in-depth overview of the advanced security features that Apple has built into the forthcoming iOS 10.

    Apple is certainly no stranger to the annual BlackHat conference, having attended in an official capacity several times previously, but Krstic’s speech is expected to be one of the most detailed technical insights into iOS security ever to be presented by an Apple expert.

    Security topics that Krstic will cover in his speech include three key Apple technologies that “handle exceptionally sensitive user data,” namely HomeKit, Auto Unlock and iCloud Keychain.

    Aside from these three key topics, BGR says that Krstic will also cover iOS cryptography, the Secure Enclave processor that was designed at the same time as Touch ID, as well as talking about how Apple is making it much more difficult for people to maliciously compromise mobile Safari.

    Krstic is head of Apple security, and has previously been hailed as one of the world’s most influential security experts.

    Source: Apple to give ‘unprecedented’ talk on iOS 10 security at upcoming hacker conference
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