Apple started seeding iOS 6.1 beta 3 to devs this week

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    Apple has been busy these days and just released the third beta build of iOS 6 to developers. The update has popped up in the iOS Developer Center and brings some classical bug fixes plus other improvements and is aimed at iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. The third iOS 6 version is codenamed Build 10A5355d. The previous version was unleashed only three weeks before and was entitled 10A5338d.

    Changes are being identified at the moment by users installing the upgrade. The first thing that draws attention is the new section in the Settings app, in Maps, to be precise. Now users can set their preferred level of volume for the navigation voice functionality.

    They can also choose how distances are shown in the app – either in miles or kilometers. Map labels can now be displayed in other languages as well, the default being English. Map sizes can be adjusted to either “normal†view or “large†view. Also, roadwork and traffic accidents will pop up in the Maps app as well, so you will know in advance which roads to avoid.

    Other interesting changes we have been hearing about so far are the addition of a new Answer and Decline button in FaceTime. With the third beta build, the iMessages on the iPad are now enabling phone numbers to be added as valid contact info. A cool neat addition are the glyphs that act as bookmarks in your Reading Lists and in the bookmark section in Safari.

    Source: 9to5Mac


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