Apple Places Limited Orders for iPad Pro

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    MacRumors reports that with the iPad Pro’s November launch date still to be revealed, Apple appears to be hedging its bets as far as projected sales for the forthcoming tablet are concerned.

    According to sources in Apple’s supply chain, Apple has only placed “limited orders” of less than 2.5 million units for the iPad Pro for the holiday period and on into the first quarter of 2016. The sources add that this indicates that Apple has a “conservative attitude” about sales of the iPad Pro.

    The sources also say that Apple is to adopt a “wait-and-see” plan when it comes to considering how big an order to place for Q1 2016, which may well be lower than 2.5 million units if the iPad Pro fails to shift enough units to warrant a bigger order from the supply chain.

    It seems that Apple is concerned that businesses looking to save money will not be willing to splash out on the iPad Pro, despite the larger tablet being firmly aimed at enterprise customers.

    Source: Apple Remaining 'Conservative' Over Upcoming Sales of iPad Pro

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