Apple Patents iPad Smart Magnets For Attaching Various Accessories

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    Even if we’re well aware of the fact that not all patents that Apple or its employees files get successfully transformed into real products or technologies, it’s still interesting to explore the possibilities they are bringing. A new Apple patent application published recently by the USPTO depicts a magnetic connector that could be used to attach a variety of possible accessories. Albeit similar to the one used to attach Smart Covers to the current iPad, it could recognize the attached peripheral and change functionality. Mikey Campbell from AppleInsider has more details:

    By using this new technology, it would be possible to attach to your iPad speaker docks, trackpads and keyboards, drawing tablets, radio wave antennas, cameras, game controllers, card readers and much more. Not only this, but the patent filing describes a magnetic hinge dock that could be used to link two iPads.

    And it doesn’t end here as there could be a way to use in-car mounts for connecting an iPad to the vehicle’s dash or headrests, to a treadmill or even gym equipment. Also, there’s some mention of wearable technology, which might be the iWatch, that could be used to for identification and unlocking purposes based on the proximity of the person wearing it.

    Source: AppleInsider

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