Apple moves closer to breaking the processor-making partnership with Samsung

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    It’s finally official. After countless rumors that Apple will terminate the long term contract it had with its big time rival – Samsung, in the processor department, here comes the confirmation that the link has been broken. According to The Commercial Times, the tech giant has finally struck a deal with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co company. The report goes on to say that TSMC’s first task will imply starting production for Apple’s brand new fourth generation iPad A6X processor.

    The partnership was long overdue, since rumors of the two companies agreeing to do business with one another have been circling around the Internet since the last quarter of 2012. And Apple is known to have been looking for ways to ditch Samsung in one way or another. The two giants have been battling for years on the tech market as well as in courtrooms.

    As a result of legal actions taken against them, Samsung was ordered by a judge to pay up to $1 billion in damages to Apple for infringing a number of patents. Apparently, Cupertino is doing everything it can in order to move as farthest as possible from Samsung.

    On the other hand, TSMC seemed the perfect candidate for Apple, not only because it is an independent company but because it specializes in the 20nm design process which might prove to be very useful for Cupertino in the near future. Reports have surfaced that TSMC has already started trial production of A6X processors and the trials were completed very successfully.

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