Apple Makes iOS 10 Messenger Emoji Sticker Packs Available to Developers

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 2, 2016.

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    iOS 10 beta users can now start using all sorts of fun emoji stickers in the Messages app with Apple releasing official animated emoji sticker packs for Messenger via iTunes Preview. The animated emoji stickers include lots of familiar Smiley faces, Hearts, and Hands, and even Classic Mac icons, according to Mac Otakara, via AppleInsider.

    The Smileys, Hearts, and Hands sticker packs originate from watchOS animated emojis, while the very cool Classic Mac stickers are actually original Macintosh icons that were created by graphic designer Susan Kare.

    When iOS 10 beta users install the sticker packs, they can then be accessed via the Messages app, and inserted into messages with a simple tap. You can also “peel” off the stickers and stick them on chat bubbles, images, or even on top of other stickers.

    Apple’s official sticker packs will be released along with third-party sticker packs when the iMessage App Store arrives this coming fall.

    Source: Apple releases animated emoji sticker packs for iOS 10 Messages
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    At the current time, users on iOS 10 can get them in the App Store. Just do a search by name. As stated, they require iOS 10 and can't be downloaded to any device not currently on iOS 10 beta.

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