Apple Makes Final Preparations for Apple Watch Launch Event Tonight

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    It’s been a long journey from the first whispers and vague rumours that Apple might possibly be thinking of releasing a watch, right up until today, when in just a couple of hours Apple will indeed be unveiling the Apple Watch at its “Spring Forward” event.

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has been making the final preparations leading up to the start of the event, revealing the tell-tale signs that are so familiar on the day of one of Apple’s big announcements.

    First of all, sales in Apple’s online store were temporarily halted this morning while changes are made to reflect the new arrival to Apple’s product line. Then, Apple updated its Apple Events channel with the design that it has been using for its Apple Watch press invitations. The channel also shows a countdown to the launch.

    And as far as the location of the launch, the Yerba Buena Center is concerned, everything seems to be in perfect order, with the same logo and background design as the invites covering the entrance. All that’s left now is for the Apple Watch launch event to begin, and you can be sure we’ll have the event covered in great detail here!

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