Apple is the Dominant Player in Digital Video Consumption, Says Adobe

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    According to a fresh report coming from Adobe, Apple is considered to be the leader in consumer digital video viewing. In a new report examining Online Video Viewing and Browsing Trends between 2014 and 2015, Adobe Digital Index, the company’s marketing arm, found out that Apple is the dominant player in consumer digital video consumption.

    Adobe's report places Apple as a clear winner in major categories of online content and subscription-based pay TV programming. The study is based on aggregated data gathered by Adobe Marketing Cloud analytics, which tracked more than 500 billion visits to 11,000 sites in the US and 7,000 sites abroad. Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for Adobe Digital, said the following:

    "We expect that Apple will capitalize on a very big lead they have in this authenticated premium video consumption area. That’s because they have the iPad and iPhone, which they always had, and they’ve grown in terms of the number of people accessing TV content this way."

    She further added:

    "Apple is sitting in the catbird seat because of its dominant position with access to consumers and a wealth of video data. The challenge will be to see if it can monetize the strategy fast enough to get ahead of the movement away from linear TV toward digital viewing. Apple is clearly looking to play in the video-streaming market, and the growth of that market is a big indicator as to why."

    According to recent rumors, Apple is said to be working on an enhanced Apple TV and a new subscription TV service bundle. If these become real, then Apple could seriously consolidate its leading position in video content consumption.

    Source: CMO

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