Apple Has Started Approving iOS 4.3 Apps

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    MacStories reports today that Apple has started to approve apps that use features that won’t be available until iOS 4.3 is released. They note that an app called StreamToMe was updated just a couple of hours ago with AirPlay video streaming support, even though AirPlay video streaming is not currently available in iOS 4.2. This means that at the moment, only developers with access to the iOS 4.3 beta will be able to use that particular feature, and they’ll also need to have an Apple TV that has been updated with the latest pre-release software in order for it to work.

    According to MacStories, the fact that apps are already being updated with new iOS 4.3 features indicates that iOS 4.3 will probably be released to the general public towards the end of February, with possibly another two or three betas released before then, and a GM seed.

    Source: MacStories - iOS 4.3 Apps Already Being Approved

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