Apple EV Car Hit a Road Bump; Head of 'Project Titan' May Be Leaving Apple

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    It looks like Apple's Electric Vehicle Car platform dubbed "Project Titan" may have hit a snag. There's no telling if it will be a major road block, but it is at least a minor road bump. Apple's Steve Zadesky, who is the head of Project Titan, is supposedly leaving the company after 16 years. According to the report, Zadesky is leaving Apple for personal reasons, so we won't speculate beyond that.

    This news follows in the heels of, yet stands in contrast to, some good news for Project Titan. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, recently had a chance to tour the Apple facilitates and get a peek at Apple's EV creation (as well as other breakthroughs from Google and 70 other companies). He came away impressed by what he saw.

    Steve Zadesky formerly worked at Ford before being hired by Apple. He previously worked on the iPod and iPhone before taking the reigns of the EV team. What do you folks think of his potential sudden departure?

    Source: Autoblog

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