Apple Debuts WatchOS 3 with New Features and Improvements

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    Apple started off their event by going over the new watchOS for the AppleWatch. The new watchOS includes several improvements and some new features. Here's a breakdown of some of the highlights:
    • Instant Launch and other speed improvements
    • New Apple Dock for watchOS
    • New Control Center for watchOS
    • Improved Reply Options - easier and more natural - auto-reply with 1 tap and Scribble (which lets you write with your finger to create letters and words on screen)
    • Mini Mouse Clock to compliment Mickey Mouse Clock
    • S.O.S international 911
    • Improved activity workout app - also includes improvements for wheelchair users - Time to Roll, activity rings optimized and more
    • Breathe App - deep breathing activity app - including smart notifications and gentle visuals
    • Various other app improvements, audio improvements, developer improvements and more
    The free upgrade is coming to watch OS this fall, and should make your AppleWatch feel like a brand new device.

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