Apple could be working on a smart pen

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    Apple seems to be heading towards the future at fast speed. Rumors of the Cupertino tech giant working on a smartwatch spread like weeds all over the internet. But according to a new patent published this week, that’s not the only device of the future Apple is cooking up in its development labs.

    This time, it is a pen with mobile phone capabilities. The patent awarded to the company by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office has been dubbed “portable computersâ€. In it we find the outline of a device resembling a pen – obviously larger in size than the pens you used to do your homework with in high school. The purported pen will surely be a smart pen, as user​​s of the technology will have access to e-mail, text messaging and voice data, via a screen attached on top of the stylus.

    A couple more details make this invention a particularly interesting one. For instance, users can write down their handwriting texts and notes and the pen will be able to recognize what was written. It would also be able to participate in the conversion of speech-to-text and vice versa. For these particular purposes, the smart pen will also feature a microphone and speakers. On top of it, we’ll have a touch screen and GPS/cellular technology attached to the device. The GPS will allow for the wireless communication to take place.

    It seems the idea came to an Apple team back in 1998, but only in 2011 did the patent receive the green light. Since then, however, some aspects of it have been altered and improved.

    Source: Cnet


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