Apple and GT Advanced Are Still Working on Super Sapphire Cover Screen Technology

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    The new iPhones have long been rumored to come with a new sapphire glass that could've make its way to the iPads, as well. However, it seems that Apple is not yet ready to implement this new technology into its products, according to a recent story from Wall Street Forensics.

    The website says that Apple and its partner, GT Advances, are continuing their work to strengthen sapphire, and they are hoping to reduce the material’s “fundamental flaw of cracking,” and improve its reflective properties.

    This report somehow confirms a previosuly discovered patent, which was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on September 18th. It explains the new processes that are meant to aid in the strengthening of sapphire, and cut manufacturing costs. Here's what Matt Margolis from the publication has been saying:

    "Apple and GT are continuing to work closely together on new ways to improve sapphire’s strength and reduce the likelihood the material cracks when dropped. Apple’s latest sapphire patent not only will improve sapphire’s fundamental naturally occurring flaw of cracking, but also will pave the way to reducing finishing costs and producing a truly flawless piece of sapphire material."

    "Another knock on sapphire for cover screens has been the sapphire’s reflective properties; however Apple and GT have found a way to add an anti-reflectiveness coating on top of a sapphire substrate. The relatively high cost of sapphire screens versus traditional reinforced glass solutions has also been a well-publicized point of emphasis by sapphire critics. Apple’s patent will also target cost improvements due to lower finishing costs as well as enabling GT and Apple to produce pure sapphire cover screens that feature thinner and stronger sapphire compared to untreated sapphire cover screens."

    The material isn’t yet ready for mass production also because it has almost double the screen reflectance of glass, besides the already known issues related to costs and manufacturing complexity.

    Source: WSF

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