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    In my company we are starting to use are ipads more and more as a way to do business.

    I wanted to know if anyone can give suggestions on how we can use each of the following functions and which app is the best to use and how far can i go with them!

    + We want to use our SharePoint infrastructure - i Know of these apps.. SharePlus; Colligo Briefcase

    +For Note taking - i Know of these apps.. User decision; Evernote; Penultimate; Notes Plus; One Note.

    + For Board Minutes - i Know of these apps.. Board Pack

    +For Microsoft Office editing - i Know of these apps.. Keynote; Documents to Go; Smart-Office; Office QuickPro Plus

    + For Presentations - any ideas?

    +For Collaboration - - i Know of these apps.. Cisco WebEx ; GoToMeeting; Skype; FaceTime

    + For Printing - i Know of these apps..

    + How can i use SkyDrive? SharePoint 2013 directly links?

    +Lync - how can this be used to improve the business?


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