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    Two years ago,My little son Tim was 3 years old.I bought an ipad as a birthday gift for him.It took me much time to search apps with educational values.I thought many parents had the same problem like me,so I developed some educational apps for preschoolers(2-6 years old) with my friends.Two of them are Programmers,Another is a teacher.:eek:

    Now our apps cover Music,Painting,Math,Healthy,Daily necessities,Safety,Science,Numbers,Alphabet,Game etc.

    May be you are interested in them.
    May be your kids like to make friends with them.
    May be they are good partners when your kids be lonely.
    Because they are so cute and distinctive.:p

    Search "sinyee" to find all of our apps in Apple app Store.

    Links to 3 apps below:
    1、Baby learns body parts HD

    2、Paradise of Insects HD

    3、Baby Learns Addition 2 HD
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