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Unlock Your iPad Using Activator With 'SlideToMod' Cydia Tweak


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Jul 10, 2010
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SlideToMod is a Cydia Tweak that will allow you to customize your Slide to Unlock bar. Now we've seen many tweaks already which do this but there is one feature here that could be useful. Within the settings, you can set a custom title, date, or time to be shown instead of your "Slide To Unlock" text. You can also disable the camera button, media controls, and Slide Show(ipad) buttons. Finally, this tweak give you the ability to set set an Activator option to unlock your device. Instead of sliding all the time, why not tap the volume buttons or double-tap the status bar? You can find SlideToMod in the Cydia Store under the Big Boss repo for FREE.​
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