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Thoughts on the new Amazon Fire Phone?


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Jan 17, 2010
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What do you think of the new Amazon Fire Phone? I was very surprised and impressed with some of the features.

The FireFly app is neat!


Here at DF HQ the hands down winner for the most impressive feature on Amazon's Fire Phone is Firefly. Put simply, Firefly is a turbo charged engine that uses the Fire Phone's rear camera in order to recognize well over 150 million items from TV shows you're watching, to music you're listening to, down to simple items such as the book on your coffee table. All of that info is interconnected with Amazon's own massive database of products, making it all available to you without really having to do anything. In a nutshell, Firefly can watch and/or listen and literally bring everything right to you. DGStorm compiled a great list of all the FireFly features and we'll share them with you once again in case you missed them on the first go 'round.

  • FireFly - uses the camera to recognize books, DVDs, phone numbers, QR codes, CDs, URLs, games, bar codes, etc, and then finds them in its database - listens as well (basically works like Shazam) - dedicated Firefly button - can pull up in one second
  • FireFly - can also recognize TV shows - Once recognized, you can view details and purchase the title, etc. - can also recognize art - brought up a Wikipedia entry for Cornflowers by Sergei Osipov, as well as Man with Red Hat by Vittore Carpaccio. - can recognize over a hundred million items
  • Firefly - "Semantic boosting helps improve the probability that the character recognition gets the phone number right. He's showing an instance of the number 708, which features glare that makes it look like a 703. But since the computer can recognize that "703" isn't a valid exchange for that area code (206), it knew that it had to be 708. Also, it can compress the size of the picture by sending only the parts of the picture that matters (making it black and white, for instance, and only targeting the area of the image that contains the phone number)." ~ Engadget
  • Firefly - an SDK, so third-party devs can use the same text, audio and image recognizers - firefly SDK is available immediately - works with Myfitnesspal
Source: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/android-news/269815-firefly-feature-recognizes-world.html

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