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Third-Party Apple Watch Accessories Now Available in Retail Stores


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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MacRumors reports that starting from today, third-party Apple Watch accessories are now available in Apple retail stores. The product that bears the accolade of being the first ever third-party Apple Watch product to arrive in Apple retail stores is ElevationLab’s Nightstand for Apple Watch.

NightStand costs $29.95, and it’s a very simple, neat-looking Apple Watch stand, which was actually one of the very first Apple Watch stands available. The NightStand was previously only available in blue, black, and red, but now ElevenLab has teamed up with Apple to offer stands that match every Apple Watch Sport band. Currently NightStand is available in pink, blue, green, black and white.

MacRumors notes that NightStand is one of only a few Apple Watch stands that support watchOS 2’s forthcoming Nightstand Mode, which enables the Apple Watch to be used as an alarm clock while it charges.

MacRumors says that it heard from a source that NightStand is the only Apple Watch accessory currently available in Apple’s retail stores, but expect more accessories to arrive in September.

MacRumors notes that Apple has also made some other changes to its retail stores today, switching out the old iPad smart signs for special “pricing apps” on each item on display.

Source: Apple Starts Selling Third-Party Apple Watch Accessories in Retail Stores

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