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Temple Run 2 becomes fastest growing mobile game ever


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Jun 22, 2012
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Temple Run 2 has been launched a couple of weeks ago in the App Store, after being keenly awaited by thousands of mobile game lovers. And as a recent report reveals, the game has managed to become extremely popular in matters of days. For example, in the first day it was unleashed on the market, the game was downloaded over 6 million times. That’s quite a start! In the next four days, Temple Run 2 experienced another staggering rise, its download count rising to 20 million.

Now, Temple Run 2 receives the title of fastest surging mobile game ever, surpassing even the smash hit Angry Birds. Developer Imangi Studio just released a statement saying that so far, the game has been downloaded over 50 million times by users of iOS, Android or Kindle. And it has done so in just 13 days. Compare that to Angry Birds who took 35 days to reach the 50 million threshold.

For those still curios, Imangi Studios provides even more detailed statistic. Therefore, since it was released, Temple Run 2 saw an average of 3.85 million downloads per day or 160,000 per hour.

However, Temple Run 2 still has to do some work in order to catch up with the record set by its predecessor Temple Run who has downloaded 170 million times in total.

Temple Run 2 features players in charge of a bunch of explorers who are trying to steal certain artifacts from temples and are being chased by “demonic monkeys†in the process, thus providing user with endless hours of wandering fun.

Source: 9to5Mac
of course because its free and already good review of course i download it right away in a jiffy without hesitate :p
I suck at this game....on all my devices. On the google devices, when you swipe up, if you are not careful, the Google Now ups on and messes you up! You don't have time in this game to be careful. It feels rather intense, too. A Runner game.

It is gorgous, though.

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