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Spin My Party


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Jun 5, 2010
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Are you ready to have fun?

Make your own prize wheels and play the games you love most!
Spin My Party is a cool way to have fun playing games with friends and family.

 Featured as New & Noteworthy by Apple in Germany and Austria iTunes App Stores. 
✭ This Spin My Party app is designed for both devices: iPhone and iPad. Each one has its own design.✭

- Create your own games.
- Define the challenges that will appear on the prize wheel.
- Set the ending score for each game.
- There are wildcards that can be added (Loose next turn, Double the score, …).
- When playing a game, you can add as many players as you like.
- See the final scores for each game in the Hall of Fame.
- Edit games and players.
- Share via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Be creative. Have fun configuring and playing games on Spin My Party. The only limit is your imagination!

Since this is my first message, i can't post any links or images. So, just google it: "spin my party app", and you will find the appstore link, the app site and the youtube video.

Here's a promocode, for the first one to get there: KAF3TTAWK73T

We also have a cheaper version only for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Please send us your comments or reviews,
Hope you enjoy!

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