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Review of Brainwavz Delta earphones


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Sep 21, 2010
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Brainwavz are a name that are new to me in the earphone market; I only recently reviewed the S1 model and was very impressed. Founded in 2006, their aim are to produce affordable products ranging from entry level earphones up to professional ear and headphones. The Delta model are a step above the usual earphones you get supplied with your smart phone or similar. The packaging on this model is quite basic but they still ship with three pairs of silicon tips and a pair of comply foam tips as well. This is a good selection given the price point but I would love to see some form of bag or case included.
The earphones themselves are of the in ear monitor (IEM) variety and can be worn with the audio cables over and down the back of the ears or hanging straight down. The earphones are small and light enough that they remain securely in place regardless of which method you wear them. The housings are fashioned from aluminium giving them good strength as well as their lightness. A normal round cable is used but it feels of good quality and is reasonably easy to manage. The connections and strain reliefs are of a good size, not small but they seem more in proportion than those on the S1.

These have dynamic drivers with a moving coil inside which means they are likely to sound a little different after some use and is why 'burning in' for a good 10 hours or more is usually recommended. New out of the box, first impressions are certainly favourable though.
They have a reasonably flat sound with a good, clear midrange. Both bass and treble are there but definitely in the background. Running these overnight with my iPod on shuffle will help to burn these in and give closer to the final sound that we would expect of the earphones.
After this over night run, the changes were what I would expect. The bass opened up and was more prominent than before and sounds quite punchy. The lower notes are engaging to listen to but the bass is not as strong as the S1 model and the Deltas do not sound quite as smooth at the bottom end. The middle of the audio range remains well represented with good clarity on offer. Vocals and strings in particular really shine with these earphones.
The highs also improved after the burn in period and sound bright without over stepping the mark. The Deltas don't quite offer as much detail as the S1s but they are not that far apart and at times offer a little more sparkle. They are not as revealing as the higher end model and because of this are probably more suitable if you stick to compressed audio music on the go.
After using the Deltas for around a week, I can see them being a great match for the average user with a smartphone or other form of portable music. These handled all my different test tracks very well indeed and all music seemed to come across well. The S1s with their smoother, warmer sound are better suited for movies and games than the Deltas in my opinion; these would still do the job but they are not quite as good as an all rounder.
As mentioned earlier, these are comfortable to wear but the selection of tips on offer contribute to this and also help isolate you from outside sounds. Not everything is blocked out but the vast majority is to make listening to quieter passages easy going and these are on a par with anything else I have tested.
I actually prefer to be able to hear louder external noises when wearing earphones for safety reasons so would consider these ideal for normal day to day use.
For the money, you are getting a very good earphone with the Deltas. Brainwavz have produced a quality earphone at this price point and should be a simple purchase for anyone looking for an upgrade to supplied earphones. I would love to see a pair of these designed with an inline remote/microphone for mobile phone use since they seem a natural fit for a smartphone. These are the second earphones I have tested from Brainwavz and yet again I am impressed and can thoroughly recommend the Deltas.


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