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REVIEW: My First Impressions of the iPad

Brad Groux

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May 11, 2010
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Houston, TX
For those interested. I've written up a review about my first week with the iPad, you can read the excerpt below or view the full review at my blog. I'll be writing follow up posts that go in to more detail about what I love and hate about the iPad in it's current form. I'll update this thread when they are up.

VERDICT: Even with all of it’s flaws, I wouldn’t give up my iPad and can’t really figure out how I ever lived without it to begin with. It won’t replace a full fledged laptop or desktop computer due to some of it’s flaws, but if you are tech-savvy enough you can easily work your way through all of the Apple BS and unleash the full potential of this great device. It easily replaces the near worthless netbooks on the market. Netbooks are fine until you use an iPad. Once you use an iPad it makes you realize that you can have a smooth user experience with lower end mobile hardware.

Full Review: REVIEW: My First Impressions of the iPad

EDIT - Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. MODS PLEASE DELETE! Thanks.
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